RealHomes v4.x - Ultra Design

RealHomes v4.0.0 – Ultra Design

RealHomes v4.0.0 is a major release with a beautiful brand-new design, “Ultra”, and several new features and improvements. With the addition of Ultra in v4.0.0, RealHomes has 3 unique designs to choose from.

WooCommerce Payments Setup for Property Bookings

RealHomes theme offers a beautiful vacation rentals website solution using the RealHomes Vacation Rentals plugin. For the vacation rentals setup, you can see the related guide by clicking here. Once your RealHomes Vacation Rentals website is ready, it can accept paid instant bookings using the RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin with the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce […]

WooCommerce Payments Setup for Individual Properties

RealHomes theme has been accepting individual properties payment to publish them via Stripe and PayPal using dedicated plugins. Now WooCommerce Payments Gateway can also be used to accept individual properties payment by using the recently introduced RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin with WooCommerce plugin. Plugins Installation The WooCommerce plugin can be installed after downloading from […]

Introducing a Modern and Mobile Friendly Lightbox in RealHomes

ReaHomes now comes with a new lightbox that is modern and mobile–friendly. We have removed all existing/old lightbox plugins. The newly introduced lightbox plugin is lightweight and is perfectly suited for both mobile and desktop browsers. It supports touch gestures and pinch gestures for zooming. It also supports video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and maps […]

Property Card Design Variations in RealHomes Modern

RealHomes theme’s Modern design now comes with two additional Property Card Designs for Properties Grid Templates and Archive pages. Website Level Card Design Selection Navigate to Customize Settings → Properties Templates & Archive and select a design from the Grid Layout Property Card Design setting. Page Level Card Design Selection Property card design can be […]