WooCommerce Payments Setup for Property Bookings

RealHomes theme offers a beautiful vacation rentals website solution using the RealHomes Vacation Rentals plugin. For the vacation rentals setup, you can see the related guide by clicking here.

Once your RealHomes Vacation Rentals website is ready, it can accept paid instant bookings using the RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin with the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Payments Settings

For the WooCommerce payments gateways settings, you can follow the Payments Settings section on their documentation by clicking here.

I will also recommend you to check out the Core Payment Options to get help for setting them up and receiving payments on your website by clicking here.

Plugins Installation

The WooCommerce plugin can be installed after downloading from its own page. At the same time, the RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin can be installed and activated by navigating to Dashboard > RealHomes > Plugins page. Please see the following screenshot for help.

For the WooCommerce payment gateways set up, you can see their guide by clicking here.

Easy Real Estate Settings Page

Now navigate to the Dashboard > Easy Real Estate > Settings page and scroll to the Booking Payments section located at the bottom. You can Enable/Disable WooCommerce Payments for Bookings there and configure other related settings as displayed in the following screenshot.

If you choose the Individual Property option for the Instant Booking Scope, you would need to enable the instant booking for properties individually from their add/edit page (otherwise, instant bookings will be enabled for all properties). Please see the helping screenshot of the property add/edit page given below.

Now your users should be able to confirm a booking instantly after they pay the property booking payment using the booking widget.

If you follow the above guide properly and still need further assistance regarding any step/section, you can reach our dedicated support team through our support site by clicking here.

Or, if you got any feedback about the plugin or its guide improvement, you can share it with us via feedback form by clicking here.