Introducing a Modern and Mobile Friendly Lightbox in RealHomes

ReaHomes now comes with a new lightbox that is modern and mobile–friendly. We have removed all existing/old lightbox plugins. The newly introduced lightbox plugin is lightweight and is perfectly suited for both mobile and desktop browsers. It supports touch gestures and pinch gestures for zooming. It also supports video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and maps […]

Property Card Design Variations in RealHomes Modern

RealHomes theme’s Modern design now comes with two additional Property Card Designs for Properties Grid Templates and Archive pages. Website Level Card Design Selection Navigate to Customize Settings → Properties Templates & Archive and select a design from the Grid Layout Property Card Design setting. Page Level Card Design Selection Property card design can be […]

Setup WebHooks in RealHomes Theme to Get Push Notifications to Your Apps

RealHomes is the No.1 real estate theme on ThemeForest serving thousands of Realtors to grow their real estate business online. To facilitate its users an exciting new feature is added in version 3.11.0 to feed the data of agent, agency, and contact forms using WebHook. In simple terms, a Webhook is basically a notification that […]

Recommended Services & Tools

Many of our customers ask us for hosting and various other plugins recommendations, so we have prepared a list of useful hosting services and plugins to help you run a smooth WordPress website. The list includes, shared and managed hostings, anti-spam plugins, analytics plugins, SSL plugins, security plugins, backup solutions, migration solutions, etc. We will […]

How to debug your WordPress website?

Everyone make mistakes. I know that I do. We also look for the ways to correct our mistakes. In programming, this process is called debugging. According to Wikipedia, Debugging is the process of finding and removing errors which results in the smooth execution of a computer program. Debugging plays a very vital role in the […]