RealHomes Memberships Setup

Note: This blog post is updated as per RealHomes version 4.2.1, which comes with Stripe SCA compliance. This article will guide you through the steps to configure memberships for RealHomes-based websites. Installing Inspiry Memberships Plugin Navigate to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New and search Inspiry Memberships as displayed in the screenshot below: Once you […]

monsterinsights plugin

Importance of WordPress Cache Plugin and Top Ones for Use

If you’re struggling with your website’s performance and find yourself waiting for a page to load for more than 5 seconds, then a good solution would be to install a cache plugin. A cache plugin can cache your dynamic WordPress site which in turns makes it as fast as static sites. With this point in mind, […]

How to Find the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Website?

Choosing WordPress theme can be a tough decision to make because you have so many choices out there and it’s hard to differentiate between a good theme and a bad theme for beginners. So, what can you do about it? How do you choose the best WordPress theme for your website, blog, or for your […]