RealHomes Memberships Setup

Note: This blog post is updated as per RealHomes version 3.18.0 which comes with Stripe SCA compliance.

This article will guide you through steps to configure memberships for RealHomes based websites.

  1. Installing Inspiry Memberships Plugin
  2. Basic Settings
  3. Stripe Settings
  4. PayPal Settings
  5. Wire Transfer Settings
  6. WooCommerce Payments Setup
  7. Creating Membership Packages
  8. Memberships View/Subscription
  9. Labels Settings
  10. Styles Settings

Installing Inspiry Memberships Plugin

Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search Inspiry Memberships as displayed in the screenshot below:

Once you have found it then click the Install Now button and activate it after installation.

Let’s start configuring the plugin by navigating to the Dashboard > Memberships > Settings page. This plugin settings page contains the following four settings tabs.

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Stripe Settings
  3. PayPal Settings
  4. Wire Transfer Settings

Basic Settings

This section allows you to configure the following basic settings:

  1. Enable/Disable Memberships.
  2. Select Payments Gateway Type.
  3. Enable/Disable Recurring Memberships.
  4. Currency Code in which you are going to charge your customers.
  5. Currency Symbol that you want to use.
  6. Position of Currency Symbol.

Note: if you want to use WooCommerce Payments Gateway then you can skip to the WooCommerce Payments Setup guide from here.

Stripe Settings

This section contains the following Stripe Payment gateway settings.

  1. Enable/Disable Stripe Payments.
  2. Set your Stripe account API keys.
  3. Set custom Stripe Button Label.
  4. Set the Stripe Webhook URL.

Retrieving the API Keys

Log in to your Stripe account dashboard and go to Developers > API keys page to get the Test/Live Publishable and Secret keys.

Register Webhook URL

Important: Webhook URL plays an important role in accepting recurring payments through Stripe. It is important to set the webhook URL correctly otherwise recurring memberships through Stripe will not work.

Follow these steps to register your Webhook URL:

1. Copy the URL present in the Stripe Webhook URL text box.

2. Go to Stripe account Dashboard > Developers > Webhooks page and click the Add endpoint button.

4. Paste the Webhook URL you copied earlier in the first step to the Endpoint URL field.

Select the charge.succeeded event from the Events to send option and hit the Add endpoint button.

PayPal Settings

This section contains the following PayPal Payment gateway settings.

  1. Enable/Disable PayPal Payments.
  2. Enable/Disable PayPal Sandbox Mode.
  3. Set your PayPal account API keys and related credentials.
  4. Set PayPal IPN URL.

Retrieving the Client ID & Client Secret

To get a Client ID and Client Secret you would need to create a PayPal App via your PayPal developer account. Please follow these easy steps to do that.

1. Login to the PayPal Developer account dashboard.

2. Click on Create App button after selecting the Sandbox/Live mode under My Apps & Credentials section.

3. Give a name to your App and click Create App button.

4. Now you can see and copy the Client ID and Client Secret to your website’s PayPal settings.

Creating PayPal API Signature

Follow these steps to create and retrieve PayPal API Signature credentials.

1. For live credentials, log in to your PayPal business account at For sandbox/test credentials, log in to the PayPal Sandbox business account at

2. Go to Tools > All Tools page from the header menu. Then select the Integrate PayPal section form the left sidebar menu and click on the Open button of API & credentials card as displayed in the following screenshot.

3. Scroll down and click on the Manage API credentials link of NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) card.

4. Select the Request API signature option and click on the Agree and Submit button.

5. Now you see and copy the API Username, API Password, and Signature to your website’s PayPal settings. Click on the Done button once you have copied all signature credentials.

Register PayPal IPN URL

Important: It is important to register PayPal IPN URL for recurring payments. To register the IPN, follow the instructions given below.

1. Copy the PayPal IPN URL given in the related field of the PayPal settings section.

2. For live setup login to your PayPal business account at For sandbox/test setup, log in to the PayPal Sandbox business account at

3. Click Settings Icon on the top right side of the page then go to the Account Settings > Notifications section. After that click on the update button of Instant payment notifications option.

5. Click on the Choose IPN Settings to set the IPN URL for your website.

6. Paste the IPN URL you copied earlier, in the Notification URL text box. Then select the Recieve IPN Message (Enabled) option and click on the Save button to save your settings. Here you are done with the complete PayPal settings for your site.

Wire Transfer Settings

This section contains the following Wire Transfer settings.

  1. Enable/Disable Wire Transfer payment gateway.
  2. Set instructions for the Wire Transfer.
  3. Account Name.
  4. Account Number.

Add the Wire Transfer details and click on the Save Changes button.

Activating Membership

All the memberships bought through wire transfers require manual activation.

Once the payment confirmation is received, membership has to be activated manually. Go to the Memberships > Receipts and edit user receipt, check the Membership Status checkbox and click on the Update button to activate the membership.

WooCommerce Payments Setup

Info: You can use either custom payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal and Wire Transfer OR WooCommerce Payments Gateway.

To set up WooCommerce payments for the membership packages you would need to install and activate the WooCommerce and RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin on your website.

The WooCommerce plugin can be installed after downloading from its own page. While RealHomes WooCommerce Payments Addon plugin can be installed and activated by navigating to Dashboard > RealHomes > Plugins page. Please see the following screenshot for help.

Once both plugins are installed and activated, then go to the Dashboard > Memberships > Settings > Basic page and select WooCommerce for the Payments Gateway Type option.

For the WooCommerce payment gateways set up you can see their guide by clicking here.

Important: Recurring payments option is available only for the “Custom” Payment Methods because WooCommerce does not support recurring payments.

Creating Membership Packages

To create membership packages, follow these instructions:

Go to Dashboard > Memberships > New Membership page. Fill the details related to the membership, then click the Publish button.

Membership package featured image will be used to display with Stripe transaction only.

Note: The price of a membership package can’t be changed after creating the package. If you want to change the price of the package then please create another one.

If you are creating a recurring membership package through Stripe then you need to create a Product and its Pricing Plan in your Stripe account. After that paste the ID of that pricing plan in the Stripe Product Price ID text field.

To get the Stripe Product Price ID please follow the instructions given below.

Get Stripe Subscription Plan ID

Please login to your Stripe Test/Live account and go to the Products page, then click on the + Add Product button.

Provide the product details Product Name, Description, and set an image to show with package payment transaction in the statement.

Scroll down and provide the Product Price Information. Set the Price and Billing Period same as you did for the package to which you are going to add Product Price ID.

Now hit the Save Product button and then copy the Price ID.

After copying the Price ID you need to paste it in the Stripe Product Price ID field of the related package on your website and then click the Update / Publish button as you can see in the following screenshot.

Memberships View/Subscription

After creating membership packages, they will automatically start appearing on the Memberships page of the User Dashboard.

The users can view, subscribe and cancel their memberships on this page.

Users can easily upgrade or downgrade their membership to meet their specific requirements. During the membership upgrade or downgrade process at the checkout, the price of the membership will be dynamically adjusted according to the duration of the membership.

Labels Settings

You can change the Packages, Thank you page labels and show/hide Payment Methods Badges by navigating to the WordPress Dashboard > Customizer > Dashboard > Membership options panel. Related screenshot is given below.

Styles Settings

Packages colors can be changed from Dashboard > Customizer > Dashboard > Styles option panel at the very bottom as displayed in the following screenshot.

If you follow the above guide properly and still need further assistance regarding any step/section, you can reach our dedicated support team through our support site by clicking here.

Or if you got any feedback about the plugin or its guide improvement you can share it with us via feedback form by clicking here.