Protecting Websites With WordPress Security Plugins

With all the frenzy and obsession that comes with setting up a new website, it’s all too easy to let go off teeny meeny details. Because you’re  turbo-charged with the process that your prime focus is to get your store go live and address the problems later. But the website security gives no chance of retreat […]

How to Add Tweets Widget to Your WordPress Website

Twitter is a great way to interact with your website visitors and in this article I’ll show you how to add a tweets widget to your WordPress website. Install and Activate Tweets Plugin First of all you’ll install the Quick and Easy Tweets Plugin. Here is how you can do this: In WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins Menu […]

How to Add FAQs to Your WordPress Website

If you are managing a website that offers services or sells products, Then frequently asked questions are a good way to clarify things to your potential customers. FAQs can be added using a simple page with questions in the form of headings and answers in the form of paragraph text. But, As your business grows […]